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Our Guarantee to You

Glass Repair & Replacement Warranty

Freddy’s Glass is confident that every service done by our certified technicians will be completed safely and properly to your satisfaction. We stand behind our workmanship with a lifetime warranty, although some restrictions apply.

Each installation will be accompanied by an all-inclusive written warranty for your convenience. To be covered by Freddy’s Glass, the work must be done by Freddy’s  Glass in our service area, and materials covered under the manufacturer’s limited warranty. If you have warranty concerns, issues or questions, please feel free to contact us through our website, or by phone at (254) 750-1506.

Rock Chip Repair Warranty

Because so many factors can affect a windshield’s rock chip repair, it is unfortunately impossible to guarantee the success of any small crack or rock chip repair. If the repair continues to crack or is not satisfactory for any reason, we will apply the amount paid for the repair towards the purchase of a new windshield installed by Freddy’s Glass.

Please note: The new windshield must be purchased from and replaced by Freddy’s Glass. If your insurance company originally paid for the repair, then credit due will be applied to the amount due from your insurance company for the replacement of the windshield.


This guarantee is not transferable and applies as long as you own the vehicle on which the repair was made. In some cases, the attempt to repair the windshield may result in the rock chip becoming larger. In this isolated situation, Freddy’s Glass cannot be held responsible for the break. In this event, it is the responsibility of the customer to pay for or meet the insurance deductible amount for the replacement of the windshield.