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Machinery Glass

Damage from flying debris and abrasive substances is an inevitable consequence of operating farming, construction and grading equipment in all kinds of weather.

Why Heavy Machinery Glass Needs Prompt Servicing

Vibrations and sustained pressures contribute to the problem of weather to created small chips, cracks, and other glass damage. Damage is not just a cosmetic problem with heavy machinery glass, it also severely impacts safety.  Freddy’s Glass professional technicians provide expert help so you can maintain your heavy machinery glass in an OSHA compliant condition.

Why Choose Freddy’s Glass for Repair and Replacement

Freddy’s Glass is located in Central Texas in the middle of farming and industry. For over 30 years, we have specialized in servicing our area with high-quality expertise in industrial grade glass services for agricultural, construction and industry machinery.  Due to the stringent requirement of heavy machinery glass, our experts make sure they create a precision fit and water-tight seal which follows proper safety compliance guidelines.

Our Repair and Replacement Services

Whether heavy machinery glass should be repaired or replaced depends on the extent of the damage. We repair cracks and replace windshields. In addition, we can perform work on mirrors and side windows.

Expert Services                                           

Our experienced technicians can carefully evaluate your equipment to determine whether a repair can be made industry complaint. Because we deal with so many different industries, our glass experts are experienced at handling a variety of types of glass with industry compliant, on-site replacement or repair. We offer:

  • Impact resistant glass as an additional shield.
  • Tinted glass for operator ease of use and increased visibility.
  • De-fog and de-ice glass options.
  • Glass treatment which can protect against scratching and buildup.

Full Mobile Services Available

To provide the most convenient service for your heavy machinery, our glass repair and installation services are completely mobile.  Wherever your equipment is located, we will send a team to fix it.

Reasonable Prices

Freddy’s Glass is a locally-owned and operated family business that knows you need to have fair prices so that your business is successful too. Damaged glass is a safety hazard you can’t afford to ignore. Call Freddy’s Glass to make an appointment to have your heavy machinery glass made safe again.