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Window Tinting

Don’t like driving in the glare from the hot Waco sun? Window tinting makes driving safer and more comfortable.  Better yet, it adds a stylish and sleek look to your car. Freddy’s Glass is a family owned and operated business that offers professional window tinting for any type of vehicle. Here is why you should consider window tinting for your car:



Exposure to the sun can hurt the interior of your car and break down your upholstery.  Sun can cause:

  • Fading on cloth.
  • Damage to leather.
  • Cracking or even warping of plastic surfaces.

Using window tinting can block those damaging sun rays and keep the interior of your car looking great for much longer.

Added Comfort

When your car has been sitting out in the sun during the summer, getting back inside can be unbearable. Leather seats sting your skin and you can hardly stand to touch the steering wheel.  Luckily, window tinting can make your car much more comfortable. Freddy’s Glass offers a variety of tints for you to choose from.

 Privacy and Security

Advertising what is inside your car is never a good idea. With darker windows, you keep your interior private. That means:

  • Packages are less visible.
  • Purses and other valuables are harder to see.
  • Passengers are less vulnerable to prying eyes.

In addition, tinting makes viewing screens much more comfortable.  That means the kids and other passengers won’t have to strain past the glare on their screens while watching a movie or surfing the web.


With a variety of tints to choose from, you can use this practical service to also make your car look sleek and unique. We know that the looks of your car are important to you and window tinting can be an easy way to upgrade and personalize your car’s style.

Why Choose Freddy’s Glass for Your Window Tinting?

Our window tinting technicians use film lineups that have impressed clients time and again. Each window tint film comes with a Factory-Finish Gloss, a 99.9% UV Protection Rate, and is backed by a 100% Lifetime Warranty.

At Freddy’s, we believe in doing excellent work for you at a fair price. When you choose Freddy’s Glass for your window tinting, you can be sure the job will be done right. The customers who have been with us since Freddy and Dolores Duron opened the business in 1979 will tell us how we stand behind our work.  At Freddy’s, we treat you like family, make sure your work is well done, and guarantee you will be satisfied.